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We manage and register all of your personal information for you and your company to be on time in your tax obligations.

We are your Tax Advisers

We assist you in your personal or business tax planning to make the accurate calculations for your next projects.

Immigration Services Consultant

Fulfilling your immigration objectives as something inalienable for our quality of services.

We take care of your Audit process

We care about lowering your risk burden and seek proposals to help exceed your audit process.

Our company is open all year round to accumulate any documentation needed to be sent to the IRS/State to finalize your audit.

We will go with you to an audit of your tax return in order to explain how your return was prepared, but we do not represent you by acting as your attorney or agent.

We will control the obligations, consult and compile the documentation and information necessary for advice related to the specific field.

Every business and situation is different. If you are a client of ours, we know your company and your circumstances perfectly and we apply, within the law, all the mechanisms so that you pay as little as possible. It is very difficult to reduce the tax burden of a fiscal year already closed, and for this reason, we always plan the year with you in advance, advising you on those operations that allow you to minimize the taxes you have to pay.

Professionals and entrepreneurs are often very good in their profession and know their sector perfectly, but they are not experts in taxation, accounting, regulations, business strategy, marketing, corporate communication and many other areas necessary for the proper functioning of a business. Our team of expert professionals puts all their experience at your service, so that the entire human team can dedicate itself to selling and producing.

Apostilles: We give authenticity to your documents requested by entities from another country other than the original one through the apostille of the same.
Power of attorney : Manage your legal procedures without being present through a trusted proxy, a solution to manage important assets and procedures.
Translations: Transcription of documents from one language to a different language, certified by a notary to be presented to entities that request it.

El tamaño de su próximo cheque de estímulo podría depender de cuando presente su declaración de impuestos.

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We are Open!
Tax Season 2020!

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A finales de enero, usted podrá obtener su Estado de Cuenta para Destinatarios de Ciertos Pagos Gubernamentales (1099-G).
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¿Recibió una carta y una tarjeta de débito etiquetadas como «Pago de impacto económico»? No la tire. Si lo hace, estará tirando dinero. Al menos $600, dependiendo de su situación.

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El Servicio de Impuestos Internos les recuerda a los contribuyentes que organizar los archivos de impuestos es un primer paso importante para prepararse para presentar su declaración de impuestos de 2020.

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El Servicio de Impuestos Internos anunció que la temporada de impuestos de la nación comenzará el viernes, 12 de febrero de 2021, cuando la agencia tributaria comenzará a aceptar y procesar las declaraciones del año tributario 2020.

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Look on the following list for the action you took – whether that’s sending us your individual or business tax return or answering a letter from us. Then, open the action to see how long you may have to wait and what to do next.


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La Oficina de Responsabilidad del Gobierno (GAO), informó que casi medio millón de contribuyentes no recibieron su pago completo debido a complicaciones sobre la distribución de los fondos correctos a los no contribuyentes con dependientes.

Lee la nota completa aquí 👇👇👇👇

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Las solicitudes de beneficios por desempleo estatales de Estados Unidos tuvieron pocos cambios frente a sus elevados niveles en la última semana de 2020, lo que indica que el mercado laboral sigue afectado por la continuidad de la pandemia.

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